defending and advancing allies of equality and justice

Defend and Advance is a campaign of Emgage SuperPAC, which is the independent expenditures arm of Emgage Action.


Defend and Advance backs leaders who actively align with Muslim and allied communities and vigorously champion just policies that strengthen our pluralistic democracies and protect human rights at home and abroad.

Join a Transformative Campaign to Defend and Advance.

Your involvement is essential so that we can support leaders through strategic media campaigns, grassroots mobilization, and expert advice.

As we stand at a historic crossroads, your voice and participation are key to amplifying change and guiding our efforts.

Together, our collective action can shape a future rooted in justice and equality, making the Defend and Advance campaign a powerful commitment to ensuring that injustice is never again overlooked in the 2024 primaries and beyond.

Our Priorities

Our priorities for the 2024 primaries are clear:

  • To back incumbent allies who have walked shoulder-to-shoulder with us in this struggle.
  • To identify and support candidates in key competitive seats who share our vision for human rights and justice – those who have not just spoken out, but have acted on behalf of those who have been marginalized and oppressed.

We have long fought for compassionate advocates for Muslims to be heard in mainstream discourse, and the time has come for us to protect and support these voices more than ever.